Scalp care is important as skin care


You may often find that even very good care of woman will despise and ignore hidden under thick head of hair skin, but fortunately there are many good products continue to launch new products for head skin care, should be more effective and the New ideas: scalp care like facial treatments should be the same attention to procedures and use of the product.
Does your scalp healthy?

The state of the hair depends largely on the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, the hair has a variety of troubles, such as dandruff, hair loss, and have a relationship with the head skin health. Therefore, before the development of targeted treatments for the scalp, we should do scalp health checks, it is to be necessary.
Intuitive visual judgment: a healthy scalp slightly bluish white, clean and not too much fat and dander. Normal metabolism of the scalp is 16 to 25 days, the amount of hair loss per day is 40 to 100.
Professional equipment testing: If you want to know more detailed scalp health, upscale salon professional instrument will have on your scalp condition, and many other indicators of the quality of the hair to make a more detailed professional analysis.
We should treat scalp as the skin

The scalp is an extension of the facial skin in the head, look on your dresser jars, each face a problem has a corresponding countermeasures, but also equally true of the scalp.
Scalp Shampoo equivalent the cleaning oil
Despite the care and wash concept we separate and has been accepted, but not enough, because whether it is prime or hair conditioner film is best not to come into contact with the scalp, the scalp should select special cleaning products. Like former first skincare “Cleansing” in general, hair care should start with fully cleared Hairspray, dirt and sebum scalp started to develop hair growth to provide a clean environment for the new habit. Use ordinary shampoo scalp shampoo is slightly different, with warm water after wet hair, applied directly to the hair shampoo to gently massage the scalp for 3 to 5 minutes, add water emulsion, lather.
Scalp essence like the Facial Serum

Face the cold winter, we often can feel the entire scalp after shampooing become strained, and whether it is day or the next day wash, this phenomenon is not alleviated, this is actually your scalp sensitive. Except for some special scalp lotion, the most direct way is to use scalp nourishing conditioning cream for the scalp, it can more effectively activate scalp tissue, and dense supply scalp related nutrition. For these products, you have to treat your skin, like the election of suitable products, not quite sure if the state of the scalp, you can go to a professional salon body to do the test, and then choose the most needed nutrients scalp according to the test results.
Scalp mask like the Face Mask

We should remember that only a professional scalp hair mask can be used directly on the scalp, hair mask sold in supermarkets are not suitable for use on hair scalp only for hair. Scalp hair mask generally have dedicated soothing effect, as the head of the skin to do SPA.


Sassoon fashion hairstyle in 2014


The most creative hairstyle should belong Sassoon hair, the general situation is rarely seen such an exquisite masterpiece, always are in a very grand show to see, here we can see a set of creative Sassoon hairstyle.

This hairstyle is much bold, not very suit for everyday use, a little black and white impermanence feeling. Classic black and white color show in the hair, color is very bright, creative, like an art work, shocking. The hair to create straight lines were drawn, and then trim the hair apparent contours, and finally colored with black and white, showing layering and artistic beauty, giving a new visual experience.

boldSassoon combine mushrooms hairstyle, creating a very new and unique mushroom Sassoon hair type, both full round mushroom head, but also has lines of Sassoon beauty, smooth and natural, instant loved by people, fantastic. The mushroom hair trimmed out as a general rounded arc, from the forehead to the nape, coherent, smooth lines to create a gorgeous visual beauty. With brown lines down from the top of the head to make the depth of coloring, sexy self-evident.


After a simple bob hair transformation then formed the Sassoon style, and instantly refreshing. The Sassoon short bob hair style more fashion personality than a simple bob hair or other Sassoon hair type, full of personal charm. The fringe was oblique trimmed on the forehead, radian very natural, deliberately leaving out some strands of hair flying in the forehead, with asymmetrical cut design, fresh and powerful…


For this hair the best focus is its hair color, pink and red highlights let people feel good instantly,extremely bold, stylish voluptuous. Fringe trimmed patchwork, there is no one size fits all kind of boring sense, giving a new visual enjoyment, supple long straight hair clipped layering, both with long straight hair mellow flavor, and bring out the flavor a little rebellious, so people wandering in the rebellious edge, individuality.

highlightSee this hairstyle, the first feeling is dynamic, bringing extremely ornate visual beauty, extremely seductive. Side part of the hair, the hairline is clear, giving a unique feel. Then trim the hair short in front long shape in the back, both sides of the cut varies, creating asymmetrical beauty, no matter from which point of view, both do have some charm. Full of glossy hair, are showing this hair texture and flavor character.



Celebrity hairstyle lead hair trends


Follow with celebrities’ fashion, you can also own the “shiny moment”, from the “head” start to see what they are playing tricks, grasp of your own style, you can very well.


Alexa Chung: Simple medium long hair: recently IT GIRL Alexa Chung publish ​​a lot of private photos, within those pics simple is most pop. Simple fluffy medium long hair with double ponytail, do you thought how many styles the medium long hair can be?


Dianne Kruger: Simple short hair. Simple styling short hair whether tied up or it is so loose, but also full of wild. Like wearing a hat is also full of style.


Vanessa Hudgens: Naturally curly hair. Naturally fluffy curly hair style, small curls reveals casual chic, tied up hair is fresh ,cute, simple curly hair on the should is fashion.


Miranda Kerr: Side curls. Miranda Kerr often used her side curly hair grasp people’s eyes. This sexy and charming feel for long curly hair can be exclusive, and if you have, do not skimp.


Lindsay Lohan: Simple long hair. Long hair with simple slightly curly hair can hold everything, no matter it is light-colored hair or a more dark hair, different feel has different eye suction effect.


Kate Bosworth: Simple medium long hair. So simple long hair loose on the shoulders, wild and highly fashionable. Slight curl create a stylish charm, with a simple dress, atmospheric feeling well.


Olivia Palermo: Exquisite long hair style. Like this long hair tied into a high bun is also a good choice, because it is with wild atmosphere. Loose hair charming and simple and do not you feel it?

cyrusdMiley Cyrus: Personalized short hair. Since Miley cut short hair she dyed hair white and subvert its sweet image, all of a sudden turned neutral ROCK style, do not control your heart whether withstand Well, at least she transition a success.


2013 First Half Year Kristen Stewart Hairstyle Pictures


Kristen Stewart who is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga and became the leader of fashion in the world, and her hairstyle is also got attention by the outside world. So look the following and see her hairstyle in 2013.
In the first half year Kristen Stewart frequent appearances on the red carpet events, each attending from the head to toe she can attractive people. Some people said best like her handsome hairstyle. She most often appeared in the red carpet with random fluffy long hair, she also likes to hand fiddle hair and without fear messed up hair. She also tries cute ponytail, side ponytail, elegant updo etc. hairstyles, which is your favorite hairstyle from her?
Hairstyle one: shoulder length side curly hair

The natural side hairstyle adds a lot Stewart feminine feel. Although young, but the whole shape exudes a mature intellectual beauty Stewart also tried to break through this type of hairstyles. Free fiddle hair put on side, light makeup, vaguely reveals a small part of a woman’s intellectual beauty, let us see the beautiful side of the little K .
Hairstyle two: exposed forehead symmetrical long curly hair

In the movie “Twilight” in our most remember is little K that exposed forehead long curly hair, although the above hair comb all back and doesn’t leave the slightest trace, but still we can feel her delicate facial features clearly, long curly hair pay attention to, highlights the naturally, but carefully feel, and seemed to be hidden in the sense of a sexy, feminine, perfectly shaped hearts of thousands of viewers Twilight female image.
Hair three: All-back Side ponytail

Kristen Stewart Side Ponytail
Recently hot ponytail became one of many very favorite hairstyles many actress try it, not only to show the confidence of a good facial contours, also played a unique style styling effect. Stewart ponytail hairstyle combined with smoky makeup plus low-cut dress show the same good shape, there is a goblin-like really hot and sexy, spike the presence of all flash.
Hairstyle four: All-back braided hairstyle

Show the wild beauty can be so stunning modification in the hair, looking away only to get in the little K super beautiful visual effects. Braided hair a little messy rough mad, but the opposite has brought a distinctive tough beauty, casual hair on both sides of the front looked fluffy, but more left people a stunning dazzling impression match with smoke makeup look even better.
Hairstyle five: Neutral punk hairstyle

Stewart neutral punk hairstyle let us see her different side, avant-garde punk atmosphere, with a messy changes to a heroic sense of glamorous show flawless. Cool shooting techniques and the same temperament style of clothing, individuality, but also allows us to see the little K Variety of fashion standing strong determination.
Hair Six: ponytail hairstyle

CelebKristen Stewart
Young beautiful temperament ponytail hairstyle let us once again feel Stewart solicitous side, tied with ponytail, leaving a trace on the front side, showed the hair stylist flexible modeling approach. In the discussion little K is refreshing vitality, as well as colorful dress, really very well match.
So after looking at her hairstyle, we can feel her powerful charming, no matter with the braided hair, curly hair ,updo, she can control very well and become one of the hottest actresses in the Hollywood, leading the latest fashion hairstyle trendy.

Check More Hollywood celebrity hairstyles.


2013 Hairstyle for black women


The African-American culture has currently become an important half of America. One will see that they have maintained their identity as well. This culture that’s seen within us really refers to any or all the precise contributions of the African ethnic teams to the culture of us. This culture has maintained its own distinctive appeal yet at constant time has found a significant influence over American culture, dressing, music and even hairstyles! The African-American hairstyles area unit one amongst the distinctive factors of this culture and one thing that has command my fascination for years! Suppose African-Americans and pictures of tight-coiled curls, hairdo hairstyles, hair braids and dreadlocks come back to one’s mind. Today, the ladies area unit famous to straighten their hair to attempt out totally different appearance. If you’ve got a fascination for African-American hairstyles and need to understand a lot of concerning the various coiffure they sport, look at some hairstyles mentioned below.
The kind of various hairstyles that the African-American culture is understood for, additionally exists due to the structure or the feel of the African-American hair. This greatly varies from alternative hair textures. Therefore, most hairstyles create use of natural designs. Though these days, one will see these trends area unit dynamical attributable to the various reasonably hair product that area unit being employed to make new appearance.
Hair Braids

Hair braid may be a common and an awfully in style African-American hairstyle. Here, sections of the hair area unit plaited along and area unit worn by young youngsters and adults similarly. This sort of hair braid is taken into account to be associate degree art. Today, hair stylists which will vogue the right small braids or maybe cornrows area unit greatly in demand everywhere the globe. Hair braid needs lots of your time and patience as way because the user and even the stylist is concerned! Braids contains varied designs like the small braids, cornrows, box braids etc. Hair braids area unit sported by many that want to attain this hip and funky look.

Tight Ponytails

HairsThis hairstyle continually create a mark due to the tight curls. Curly hair is usually titled into ponytails. Crimped hair is additionally quite common and area unit busy into ponytails or maybe left loose. During this case, the hair is compound into equal sections and every section is adorned utterly and secured with a band. Then, all the braids area unit force towards the rear of the pinnacle and therefore the head is wrapped in an exceedingly material scarf. This is often usually left nightlong. Once the braids area unit undone future day, the hair achieves a crimped look and appears fantastic once force into a hairdo.


DreaThink dreadlocks. Dreadlocks have important stories connected to them and have totally different which means for varied folks. Dreadlocks are literally coils of hair that area unit interlocked and these also can type on their own; this may rely for the most part on the hair texture similarly. Generally, dreadlocks type once the hair is mature naturally while not the employment of any reasonably brush or comb. Dreadlocks rose in quality with popular music genre music reaching new heights. There are several beauty salons that supply you natural ways that to vogue dreadlocks (by attaching false hair) whereas there are few that use chemical processes to attain constant.

If you want to change hairstyle just choose one of the above styles, they will be always fashion.


Indian Remy human hair wigs for black women


Indian Remy human hair wigs for black girls are wide obtainable, in many alternative colors and designs to fulfill anyone’s wishes for a brand new hairstyle while not the trouble of adjusting your natural hair. You are doing have to be compelled to acumen to worry for your wig, you would like it to last for a protracted time, however.

StCaring Indian Remy human hair wig for black girl’s items:
today, there are a large choosing of wigs for black girls. Look after wigs is extremely straightforward, typically solely as well as emotion and brushing the wig once monthly about. Of course, if your wig gets buggy in any approach, you may wish to scrub it out. You may forever wish to use cool water on natural hair wigs, since the color can wash out if you utilize heat water. Also, confirm that the shampoo and conditioner that you just use appropriate for artificial hair.
You will additionally wish to attend till the wig is sort of dry to comb it. Once selecting wigs for black girls, care choices additionally embody getting a comb or brush created specifically for the hair piece. This can be very true if you have got purchased a wig made up of artificial hair, which can simply fray if you utilize an everyday comb or coat the wig.
Styling Your Indian Remy human hair wig for black girls:
When you are styling wigs for black girls, care problems are vital to contemplate. Several wigs have to be compelled to have specific styling merchandise that are created for wigs. Hair spray, as an example, will simply build up in your wig and build it sticky and wish to be washed a lot of oftentimes. Real hair wigs are exception, however. You’ll be able to use several of an equivalent merchandise on a wig made up of real hair as you are doing your natural hair, however bear in mind to attend till the wig is dry to avoid harm.


Solutions for get rid of greasy hair


Some folks assume that laundry and shampooing your hair daily will assist you get eliminate greasy hair. Specialists say that is false as a result of laundry your locks too typically can over stimulate the oily glands, one among greasy hair causes.

Oily HaNatural Solutions for Greasy Hair
Firstly, we might advocate victimisation vinegar. you ought to combine 2 tablespoons of vinegar in an exceedingly cup of H2O and use this resolution for rinse your hair. it’ll assist you take away excess oil from the hair and scalp. otherwise you will produce an answer by diluting a teaspoon of apple acetum in some water. you ought to use it because the final rinse when shampooing your hair.
Perhaps you do not like vinegar’s smell, it’s dead traditional. If this can be the case, we tend to advocate victimisation juice. combine a 1/4 of juice with a cup of water and rinse your hair with this resolution. Lemon not solely helps take away excess oil, however conjointly reduces dandruff.Also, you’ll be able to try essential oils. simply combine ten drops of each lemon and lemongrass essential oils in an exceedingly chemical free shampoo. Then, apply the shampoo and begin rinse.
We conjointly love oatmeal for obtaining eliminate greasy hair. Why? as a result of it absorbs o.k. the oil from your scalp and tresses. Plus, it helps exfoliating the scalp. All you have got to try to to is rub some poached oatmeal on your hair and scalp, let this mask sit for regarding ten minutes so rinse with heat water.
Another natural resolution would be to combine some water with four tablespoons of inexperienced clay. combine these ingredients along till they type a paste so rub that mixture on your scalp. Leave this mask for 0.5 hour and rinse. detain mind that you just ought to apply this mask solely on the hair roots.
Furthermore, we have got another ace up our sleeve. simply add one tablespoon of mint leaves and one among freshly shredded rosemary springs in 2 cups of boiling water. Next, you ought to add the juice of 1 lemon. Then, cowl the infusion and leave it for regarding 10 minutes. Once now elapses, use this mixture for rinse your greasy hair. you will see enhancements when many applications.
Mint Leaves
In the end, we tend to advocate victimisation vegetable oil to fight greasy hair. you ought to place 2 teaspoons of warm vegetable oil in your hair and begin massaging your scalp. Then, place a towel around your head and keep it a minimum of one hour. Afterwards, shampoo your hair, rinse, shampoo a second time and rinse well.
Also, you’ll be able to try essential oils. simply combine ten drops of each lemon and lemongrass essential oils in an exceedingly chemical free shampoo. Then, apply the shampoo and begin rinse.
We conjointly love oatmeal for obtaining eliminate greasy hair. Why? as a result of it absorbs o.k. the oil from your scalp and tresses. Plus, it helps exfoliating the scalp. All you have got to try to to is rub some poached oatmeal on your hair and scalp, let this mask sit for regarding ten minutes so rinse with heat water.
Another natural resolution would be to combine some water with four tablespoons of inexperienced clay. combine these ingredients along till they type a paste so rub that mixture on your scalp. Leave this mask for 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour and rinse. detain mind that you just ought to apply this mask solely on the hair roots.
Furthermore, we have got another ace up our sleeve. simply add one tablespoon of mint leaves and one among freshly shredded rosemary springs in 2 cups of boiling water. Next, you ought to add the juice of 1 lemon. Then, cowl the infusion and leave it for regarding 10 minutes. Once now elapses, use this mixture for rinse your greasy hair. you will see enhancements when many applications.


Fashion Curly Lace Wigs


Makeup is the solution to solve facial problems,which had already become common sense. In fact,changing hairstyles is more likely to achieve transformation and add the image change.Every time simply by changing the length or curls of hair you can suddenly achieve the effect. Only girls can enjoy the privilege .Summing up the past year hairstyle trends,romantic long wavy hair won the girls’ hearts and look the following most fashionable lace wigs help you become the most fashionable this year, “Variety Queen”!
GIRLY faction, ultra-stylish STYLE! !


Charming big wavy lace wig:In response to recent warming gradually GIRLY garde, rich big wavy hair has more and more welcombed by girls.For example this lace wig,a wealth of wavy hair so extraordinarily dense; smooth and radian great curl with long bangs highlights strong feminine; reddish brown hair color is not only charming sense, also skin off a more white; same time, this wig using the absolute care of materials, not only breathable, but also play a scalp massage, health effects!
Amazing-like fashion! !


Medical ultra-resistant wig:Smooth straight cis, while the originator Large waves are used to exude the lines sketched out a lovely feeling, but with bright hair color can make fashion sense of presence immediately UP UP! In addition to the above features, this wig also has a medical wigs like super heat resistance, even the most professional high-watt hair dryer can also ease of use, more convenient to take care of our daily!
Absolute shrewd type! !


OL style wig:Wigs can also bring out the competent OL style? Do not believe it! This wig can be done, oh! Punta hair above your head high up, with a smooth diagonal bangs look solemn competent; cheeks start to curl from the big wave of well groomed facial contours; while mellow burgundy hair color is added to the overall rare charming sense!

Shaping the super cute doll! ! Large golden wavy lace wig:With the recent “overseas wind” strong incoming, more and more people choose a bright color as the main color of the year, in which gold has the highest popularity! Because to have a Barbie doll as golden, Peng loose big wave curls almost the dream of every girl. But this wig is definitely a good choice: shiny and full of golden hair color stylish; curl super, super clear hierarchy big waves roll allows you to instantly transform incomparably lovely “Exotic Princess”!

Mature Cute template!!

Medium length big wavy lace wigs:Rich texture of the hair, is this year’s highlights. Level + fluffy perm is not easily deformed, and the issue you want to mature as the goal, it must have sufficient length bangs. In summary, oblique bangs long hair flowing in lovely mature this year, the Department of the best templates! The wig on the use of this classic release style: Smooth Roll adds to the overall sense of maturity; moderate length bangs also reflects the feminine style; while dark brown hair color to set off the clear flawless complexion!

Fashion lace wigs:http://www.lacewigsbuy.com/



The lace wigs quality problems


When we buy lace wig,one of the most important for us is the quality of lace wigs,so in the end what quality problems does lace wigs have?

bmfOne:the hair texture.The hair texture determines the quality level of lace wigs quality,real human hair is now the best hair for IZIWIG.How good quality in the end of real human hair?2012 customers purchase one smooth real human hair lace wigs, using the semi-hand-woven crafts and dyed it in chestnut,but in now the hair is still very smooth, very shiny.Of course, and there are many relationship for care lace wig,but if it is not real human hair, the hair is certainly up to now into hay.
Two:the hair broken problem.Pay attention to the way to wash, do not pull the hair,the hair wig pull one hair then hair will less one.Wheter the hair easy to broken also has a relationship for hair’s elasticity,if you use other hair wig,you will find the real human hair is less to broken.
Three:the wig hair fall out.The wig hair fall out has a big reason because the production process  is unqualified,handmade wigs, hair worked loose buckle to simulation, fabrication mechanism wig, hair extensions to emulate a large sewing area is not strong cause hair loss.
Hand-woven wig is easy to loose buttons, check method is to pull a hair, do not force it to pull off, pull the event along with the process of pulling force can pull the situation appears, indicating crocheted craft are not strong enough. If pulled off, the hair is not loose, indicating crocheted craft very well.Detection mechanism wig, along with a wide-toothed comb the hair root to each combing hair 10 at a time appear,show the wig sewing technology is not qualified.
Four:The net cap material.Hair quality is no problem and the crocheted process is also qualified,the most show problems of lace wig is net cap appears damaged.When buying lace wig ,you should ask which net cap is more durable,even if broken, or damaged a small hole, do not affect wear.If the seller can better ask them to show the lace wig net cap material and look whether firm.
Five:whether the sewing and stitching is tightness.Two kinds of net cap stitching, the best side of networks, with double stitching, or the use of pu lock side. This prevents cap edge fester.
Note that the above a few quality problems, you will be able to choose a excellent quality wig.
Last reminder, real hair, especially really smooth hair not recommended to do too much perm or dyeing. Avoid hair damage occurs!


VS Sassoon Short Hairstyles


There are kinds of short hairstyles from VS,you can check some from the  following.

Mature short hairstyle:This is a very delicate girls short hair,neat bangs  semicircular shape make this short hair more smoother and contours.This fine  BOB is the best and safest choice from medium hair to short hair.the overall  shape retained the thickness, which is the key to creating a lasting appeal  both agile and like elf women,choose orange hair color, looks great  personality.

Retro short hairstyle:Retro hair on the temples with the bangs short  hairstyle,and the hair bang tail cover eyebrows managed for messy  feeling,add a natural and unrestrained.A little retro feeling but irregular  short hair choose brown hair color to match, more to show retro flavor!

Mysterious type short hairstyle:the short hair with mysterious exquisite  asymmetric bangs also use asymmetric trimming,it is worth mentioning that  although the asymmetry,but on one side and a wisp of bangs intentionally  left with a longer length echoed the other side, so look in addition to the  mysterious prefrontal create sophisticated, but also more gentle  comfortable.

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